Ramanpreet Kaur (Department of Punjabi)


S.D College NCC Unit belongs to 5Pb Girls BN NCC, Moga and has a total strength of 53 Cadets.NCC Unit was activated under the supervision of prof. Ramanpreet Kaur , Assistant Professor (Dept. of Punjabi) in 2007.
Motto of NCC: Unity and Discipline
Duration of the course: 3 year
Certificates given after completion of course: ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate.

Important Camps of NCC

  RDC (Republic Day Camp)
  TSC ( Thal Sena Camp)
  NIC (National Integration Camp)
  BLC (Basic leadership Camp)
  ALC (Advanced leadership Camp)
  Adventure Camp
  Treckking Camp etc.

Note: Available as per vacancy

Some important topics of training syllabus (including both theory and practical)

  Military term and history of NCC
  Ranks of defense (Army Navy and Air-force )
  Parade and drill
  First Aid
  Self defense
  Firing Weapons (0.22 riffle)
  Weapons etc.

Advantages of being CADETS in NCC:

Those cadets who achieve certificates after training are given the following preferences:

  Vacancies are reserved for commission in defense forces for NCC ’C’ certificate holder.
  Ranks of defense (Army Navy and Air-force )
  For ORS, sailors, airmen 5 to 10% bonus marks are awarded for recruitment.
  In Department of telecommunications, bonus marks are awarded for recruitment.
  State government: preference for state services in certain states.
  Industries: some industries give preferences to the NCC ‘C’ corticated holders.
  CRPF: NCC cadets who are holding 3rd division degree are eligible for recruitment to gazette posts.
  NCC Cadets are given preferences in government jobs.
  They are given preferences in Rail, police, bank, BSF, security guard etc.

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